Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chrome Remote Desktop - the easy remote access

Nowadays most of us have multiple computers. Remote desktop is good for official use but setting it up for personal use at home is kind-a geeky. We have few options for remote access computers over internet but they either need you to create online profile, install software and/or pay for premium access.

Google’s, Chrome team released an beta extension “Chrome Remote Desktop” for remote access over the internet. It requires you to install the extension in both of the computer’s chrome browser. It is cross platform because it resides inside the chrome browser.

It generates 12 digit dynamic numeric code whenever you want to share your desktop. To access the shared computer enter the 12 digit and connect.

This helps you in accessing your own multiple computers and also when you want to help others (by remotely accessing their computer). I started using it regularly. Its easy to share, access and some of my remote desktop problems are solved :)

I did not look into the IT side of this remote desktop, but as a strategic move - Google is making things simpler.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Use Bing to book cheap tickets

Bing has a built-in price predictor powered by expedia which can be used to decide and buy your flight tickets cheap.

Whenever we want to check for cheap airfare, we use the Internet travel websites like Orbitz, Expedia etc., But we don't know when the prices go up or down. Making decision on buying or waiting for cheap ticket price is the tricky part.

The Price Predictor in Bing helps in resolving this issue, not 100% but to some extent.
Enter your From and To destination in Bing's flight search. In the results page look at the Price Predictor Tip. The predictor is so simple and more details can be found under the Details & Fare history.

You can set up your fare alert to get emails about the change in airfare.
 Nowadays I am using this to book my flight tickets for cheap price. It’s really helpful, try and feel the difference.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Swivl - million possibilities for video making

What is Swivl:
    Swivl is a small gadget for the video loggers. It can track the user movement in multi direction (Right - Left & Up - Down). It has a mount and a marker. The mount follows the marker’s movement and aligns itself to keep you in the frame. Your phone’s camera can be controlled using the marker. No external setups are required.

The problem with self made video and video chat is that the cameras are static and it cannot move along with the user. I was amazed with the number of possibilities Swivl opens for self made videos and video chats.

Nowadays all our phones (iPhone & Android) are coming with higher megapixels. And the video quality is really very good and we always carry our phones. Swivl is designed to hold phones, digi-cams and camcorders. Swivl can be mounted on tripods, so the height can be adjusted.

You can watch the video to find out the possibilities. I’m pre-ordering mine, how about you?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Speedup your computer by stopping unwanted startup programs

This is a simple way to speed your computer without any external or 3rd party softwares. Startup programs are (full or part) softwares that loads, when you start/boot your computer.

Whenever we install new softwares, most softwares by default add them to startup list. Some provide an option during installation, but we hardly notice that option (its either a checkbox or a quick msg display). After a period of time, this makes Windows start time to rise constantly.

Windows comes with a small utility called “msconfig”. Using msconfig you can deselect some unwanted startup programs. These may be your most used programs but you dont want them during startup.

Steps for Windows / Windows 7 user:
1) Click Start button
2) Type msconfig in the Search box 
     (Note: XP, 2000 and below - Type this in Run window)
3) Select the startup tab (picture below)
4) Uncheck the programs which you know and feel they are not necessary during startup
(Leave the processor and OS related softwares)
5) Click Apply and OK
6) Click Restart and you are done. (You can choose to restart later also)
7) Your computer will boot little faster than before