Saturday, July 6, 2013

Free online/cloud storage space for free

The fight for cloud space is going on for a few years. In this post will try to list out the free online storage space an individual can get.

Google Drive - 15GB - This includes all the file attachments in gmail, documents in google drive and the high resolution photos in google+.

Microsoft Skydrive - 7 GB - Intially they were giving 25 GB now its been reduced for new sign ups to 7GB.

Dropbox - 2 GB - (nothing much to explain :))

Amazon Cloud Drive - 5GB - Yes, the latest addition to online free space is amazon.

Apple iCloud - 5GB (optional) - This is optional because you cannot use this like google drive or dropbox. You can sync up docs from iwork, notes etc. So not included in my calculation.

So around 30 GB of free online storage space is available free of cost for individuals.
I agree managing documents across different vendors is another headache but this post is just an analysis on free online storage space and not a recommendation on which one to use :)

Lets which other big players are jumping into online storage and giving us more free storage.

Note: Most of them have offline access too which is more convenient than managing in browser alone.