Friday, September 28, 2012

Bokeh Effect in Gimp

Ok guys, this my attempt to create the Bokeh effect in Gimp. I'm not gonna post any steps because I'm still learning about Gimp and designing... :)
I just followed the tutorial posted in the PA Blog. This blog contains lots of info about graphic design.

I am sharing this image and if you want you can use it.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Play audio from YouTube without video in iPhone

Ever wonder how to play the YouTube songs without the video or display in iPhone. "Yes", it is possible with a little workaround but it works like a charm.

1) Play your song or music from YouTube in your iPhone
2) Press the home button (This will pause the audio/video)
3) Press the home button twice quickly (Similar to double click in a computer)
4) You will see the iOS task manager
5) Keep your finger on the task manager section and "Slide from left to right"
6) You will see the Orientation lock, Previous, Play, Next and YouTube icon.
7) Press the play button and listen... :)
8) Only audio will be played and video will be disabled.

You can press the home button and lock your iphone - the music still goes on.
The above steps works for music, pandora and most music related apps.
Step 2 is little annoying, but this is a workaround. 

Sometimes, I listen to songs/music which are not in my collection. Hence, this saves my battery and it don't look like I'm watching videos during official hours... lol... :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Batch - makes it easy to create Facebook albums from phone

As we all know pictures taken through mobile camera are more than pictures taken using camera from count perspective. (I'm not trying to compete against SLR or professional photos). Casual photos are mostly clicked using mobiles phones. But most of them stay in the mobile except a few gets uploaded to social networks.

If you feel lazy like me to upload multiple pictures or creating album from your phone to Facebook (FB), then Batch is the app for you.

You have to login using FB id.
Batch let's you create albums called batches.
You can tag people on the entire album instead of each photo.
It lists if any of your FB friends shared an album using batch.
You can share the album to FB or post a batch link to Twitter.
It's handy and few of my last albums are through batch.

You can organize, change and update albums in batch. And upload or overwrite in FB or Twitter.

So far i feel its effective and easy to create FB albums. Let me know your opinion once started using.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Technology is breaking cuffs

Recently I started using my mobile for most of my social networking, browsing and casual game needs. Earlier I was not using mobile so often (lol...). Since then, this thought has been running in mind for quite sometime. And here is the result, a  new post. :)

Corporations block external emails and social networks (Agreed, they block because they don't want to loose productivity). During those days, we use to wait until we hit home to check our personal emails or social networks (This was the case for me too, until I got my iPhone). Nowadays 1 in 3 of us own a smartphone with data plan. This gives us the freedom to check social networks or personal emails anytime/anywhere. We are also using our data plan to check / reply official emails immediately after waking up, during lunch, before sleep and configuring calendars to keep track of our meetings.

 My point here is, the gap between professional life and personal life is shrinking day-by-day. I used to visit few tech sites whenever I feel like taking a quick break from work. But nowadays I'm checking my social networks and news feeds in my mobile - don't have to worry about the blocked sites by corporate network.

So I'm thinking that corporations are indirectly loosing their restrictions enforced on employees. This is just a thought for discussion, not to convey that I'm using social networks all my productive hours in office. lol...

Share your thoughts or views about how technology changes your day-to-day activities in the comments.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back to my buddy blogger!!!

Hello, it's been a while I posted in my blog. And I really missed the blogging. Hence here is a post to give quick updates on what happened in the last few months.

It's been busy from the holiday season. Working, having fun during day offs & seriously thinking about job change (lol :-))

Finally, joined new job and right now all is well, so back to blogosphere.

Ok guys enough of my life updates. Will meet you soon with A fresh new post.