Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Batch - makes it easy to create Facebook albums from phone

As we all know pictures taken through mobile camera are more than pictures taken using camera from count perspective. (I'm not trying to compete against SLR or professional photos). Casual photos are mostly clicked using mobiles phones. But most of them stay in the mobile except a few gets uploaded to social networks.

If you feel lazy like me to upload multiple pictures or creating album from your phone to Facebook (FB), then Batch is the app for you.

You have to login using FB id.
Batch let's you create albums called batches.
You can tag people on the entire album instead of each photo.
It lists if any of your FB friends shared an album using batch.
You can share the album to FB or post a batch link to Twitter.
It's handy and few of my last albums are through batch.

You can organize, change and update albums in batch. And upload or overwrite in FB or Twitter.

So far i feel its effective and easy to create FB albums. Let me know your opinion once started using.


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