Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Learn to code in "Codecademy"

Codecademy - usually pronounced as "Code Academy" is an education start-up to learn programming.

For a long time, I wanted to learn programming / coding but most of the time(s) I fail in the setup or not able to understand/grasp what that program is intended to do. :)

Codecademy is really a different way to approach programming. You do not have to get in to the hassle of setups. They have the simulator in their website, where you will code for each and every lesson/exercises. Every course is progressed with multiple small and simple examples and exercises. Don't be scared when I say exercises. They have the hint's right there to help you. I love it learning by doing, because it sticks with me more that just reading.

The exercises or courses are not designed with basic training in mind (for people like me. :)) People with any age can learn and grasp it easily. And if you are intermediate/advanced programmer, they have Codecademy Labs

They have courses in web fundamentals (html + css), javascript, ruby, python and jquery. All courses are free. They have a lot more than courses, a very big community presence, where you can:
  • ask help for the exercises you stuck on
  • discussion forum on any of the course related topics
  • individual interest groups which you can join and participate
  • and so much more
I like their formula for constant self-motivation by showing:
  1. exercise points (day & total),
  2. streak (for continuous days you learn coding)
  3. badges (for different activities being completed)


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