Saturday, September 24, 2011

Android Emulator not running

Sometimes the android emulator hangs with a black screen while booting the emulator. This happens when the emulator is not used for few days or months. 

The following steps will help in resolving this issue:
1) Open the AVD manager (Using eclipse: Window -> Android SDK and AVD manager or 
AVD manager button in tool bar)
2) The below AVD manager window will open:
3) Select the virtual device which you want
4) Click Start, a small pop up with Launch Option will open
5) Uncheck the "Launch from snapshot" option. 
By default, the android emulator will have the "Snapshot" option enabled during AVD creation.

Note: The current removal of "open from snapshot" option will not change the existing setup in the AVD. It is only for the current run.

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