Sunday, October 2, 2011

QR Codes – a medium to connect physical & digital world

QR code stands for Quick Response code; a two-dimensional matrix bar code. It contains encoded information (mostly URL's which opens a webpage / mp3 / video / photo and so on). It can be decoded / read by any QR reader.
It links the physical world with digital / virtual world with a scan and click. QR codes are patent free to create and use. There are 100's of smart phone apps to read and generate QR codes.

How to access QR codes:
Need a smart phone with inbuilt camera and QR reader app.
Whenever you see a QR code, open the QR reader app in the phone and scan the code.
A preview or popup with full / short URL will be displayed.
Just click open/allow and the webpage/video/photo will display.
Scan to access Techryon blog
Any ad with coupon / promotion asks us to visit their website for more details.
Most of the times, we simply ignore the URL part.
Now when there is an ad with QR code, the details can be accessed immediately or stored in the QR reader’s app history to access later.
This gives a huge opportunity for the marketers to connect consumers with their products / offers.
Scan to access this post
Add QR codes in visiting cards (instead of website address).
QR codes can be used in marketing, advertising, promotions, coupons, visiting cards, greeting cards and numerous other ways.

1    1) QR reader app’s permissions may allow use of camera, internet, read/write contacts, GPS, read browser history. Hence malicious QR codes can be used to hijack user data.
2) While scanning the QR code, it mostly shows the short URL. Hence the user will not know the real website opening in the back ground. This leaves the users to be aware and open only the trusted QR codes.

Check out the below links to create QR codes: (Has almost every option for QR codes) (From Google)


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