Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chrome Remote Desktop - the easy remote access

Nowadays most of us have multiple computers. Remote desktop is good for official use but setting it up for personal use at home is kind-a geeky. We have few options for remote access computers over internet but they either need you to create online profile, install software and/or pay for premium access.

Google’s, Chrome team released an beta extension “Chrome Remote Desktop” for remote access over the internet. It requires you to install the extension in both of the computer’s chrome browser. It is cross platform because it resides inside the chrome browser.

It generates 12 digit dynamic numeric code whenever you want to share your desktop. To access the shared computer enter the 12 digit and connect.

This helps you in accessing your own multiple computers and also when you want to help others (by remotely accessing their computer). I started using it regularly. Its easy to share, access and some of my remote desktop problems are solved :)

I did not look into the IT side of this remote desktop, but as a strategic move - Google is making things simpler.


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