Saturday, November 5, 2011

Speedup your computer by stopping unwanted startup programs

This is a simple way to speed your computer without any external or 3rd party softwares. Startup programs are (full or part) softwares that loads, when you start/boot your computer.

Whenever we install new softwares, most softwares by default add them to startup list. Some provide an option during installation, but we hardly notice that option (its either a checkbox or a quick msg display). After a period of time, this makes Windows start time to rise constantly.

Windows comes with a small utility called “msconfig”. Using msconfig you can deselect some unwanted startup programs. These may be your most used programs but you dont want them during startup.

Steps for Windows / Windows 7 user:
1) Click Start button
2) Type msconfig in the Search box 
     (Note: XP, 2000 and below - Type this in Run window)
3) Select the startup tab (picture below)
4) Uncheck the programs which you know and feel they are not necessary during startup
(Leave the processor and OS related softwares)
5) Click Apply and OK
6) Click Restart and you are done. (You can choose to restart later also)
7) Your computer will boot little faster than before


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