Sunday, November 13, 2011

Swivl - million possibilities for video making

What is Swivl:
    Swivl is a small gadget for the video loggers. It can track the user movement in multi direction (Right - Left & Up - Down). It has a mount and a marker. The mount follows the marker’s movement and aligns itself to keep you in the frame. Your phone’s camera can be controlled using the marker. No external setups are required.

The problem with self made video and video chat is that the cameras are static and it cannot move along with the user. I was amazed with the number of possibilities Swivl opens for self made videos and video chats.

Nowadays all our phones (iPhone & Android) are coming with higher megapixels. And the video quality is really very good and we always carry our phones. Swivl is designed to hold phones, digi-cams and camcorders. Swivl can be mounted on tripods, so the height can be adjusted.

You can watch the video to find out the possibilities. I’m pre-ordering mine, how about you?


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