Saturday, October 22, 2011

Google unifying their product UI's

A few months back, google changed the login UI for their products. Recently they started pushing the new - look and feel inside their products (docs, calendar, blogger) and still a lot more to come. The new UI is based on HTML5, it has a nice, clean look and navigation.

If you want to enable the new look, click "Try the new look" option on the top right corner and "Switch back to old interface" to change back.

Google docs:
Image source: Servicethisblog


Google Calendar:
Image source: GoogleTutor

Upcoming Gmail UI:
Image source: Google Operating System

Quick tip about Google Chrome's UI (from version 15 - in beta now)
Image source: Chrome Blog

If you are interested in more details:
YouTube Video's: Gmail and Blogger


  1. Chrome version 15 is out for public. You can see the new tab UI for chrome from today... go grab it... :)


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