Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sharpen your googling skills - A Google a Day

Google had launched a daily trivia puzzle game called "A Google a Day". [Its a bit old info, but I wanted to share :)] The questions are bit tricky that the user will not get the answers just by searching the question. They have to use their creativity and search skills to find the answers.

It is created by Daniel M Russell, who is a search researcher @ Google. You can read more about the AGAD in his blog.

Google is using a tweaked version of its search engine called Deja Google for this puzzle site. It leaves the recent webpages / updates like twitter feeds or the published answers about the questions. They do not want us to find the answer immediately or directly, we have to use our search skills.

Yes people I can hear you... Google is a search company and want to find out how searches are performed in the Internet. But, hey its fun to learn something new once in a while and they are making it the Google way - The simple and fun way... :) :) :)
Answers for previous day question is posted in Geek Dad


  1. I noticed one more thing. If we copy the question and paste it in google.com then the google shows the 1st result of a xml file called question.xml


  2. Interesting... i looked at the questions in the XML, they doesn't seem to be the AGAD questions.

    Thanks for the info Henry... :)

  3. Nice post. when I found your blog from google search results I tought your post was similar to mine http://abetoy.blogspot.com/2011/12/we-use-google-search-everyday-and-it-is.html :D
    Read on to enhance your Googling skills :D

  4. Thanks Albert...
    Your post is nice and interesting... i concentrated only on the a google a day... :)


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